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Styrofoam Roof Insulation

The exceptional performance of EPS as an insulator for the built environment offers the construction industry the tools and technology needed to achieve superior thermal performance while making a significant and restorative contribution to the reduction of global warming. Styrofoam’s product line offers flexibility, performance, and durability in new construction and re-roofing projects

EPS sheets for Hydroponics Plants

Styrofoam Geofoam

Styrofoam's Geofoam, expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid cellular plastic foam, has been used as super light-weight void fill and in geotechnical insulation applications. As light-weight fill, geofoam offers special advantages for construction on soft ground; slope stabilization; and retaining wall or abutment backfill. The low thermal conduction property of geofoam is used in roadway and runway subgrade insulation and frost protected shallow foundation construction.

Styrofoam Block Insulation

Lettuce, strawberries, and tomatoes are particularly suited to hydroponic cultivation, although each with its own requirements. These and other plants can be grown on a commercial scale or at home garden using hydroponics.

Styrofoam Signs & 3D Figures